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Axkid Minikid rear facing car seat rental

Car seat

The Axkid Minikid (0-25kg), has been designed to provide the greatest safety, ease of use and comfort, as well as to allow your child to travel in the rear facing position for as long as possible.

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Axkid Minikid rear facing car seat rental

Axkid Minikid
– Rear facing up to 25 kg
– Belt installation
– Plus Test up to 25 kg
– Allows travel against the rear facing up to approx. 125 cm of child height.
– Compatible with most vehicles
– Seven fixed headrest positions
– Five recline positions
– Infant reducer included
– Five point restraint
– Easy to take off and put on cover, machine washable at 30°C
– ECE R44/04 certified
– Product of the Year 2015 (“Good Pick 2015”) – Swedish insurance company Folksam
– Product “Best Value for Money” – Swedish consumer website Bä
– Tested and Certified according to European REACH standard
– VCA Anti-Tip Certificate of the British Transport Agency

For installation instructions see the following video:


The Axkid Minikid (0-25kg) has been designed to provide maximum safety, ease of use and comfort, and to allow your child to travel in the rear-facing position for as long as possible.

– Twice as safe, twice as protected

The new Axkid Minikid incorporates the innovative ASIP side protection system, which has been developed by Axkid in collaboration with a prestigious crash test laboratory in Germany. Thanks to this innovative system, Axkid takes a step forward in child safety and is positioned as the only rear-facing seat up to 25kg with maximum safety in the event of a side impact on the market.

– Adapts to your child and not the other way round

The Minikid can be easily used by both toddlers and older children thanks to its patented self-adjusting headrest and harness system. Its headrest and harness automatically adjust to the height and size of the child simply by tightening a strap. This not only saves you time when seating your child, but also ensures that your child is using the seat in the correct position.

– Safety has to be easy

Thanks to our innovative support leg, which is attached at the push of a button, and our automatically tightening lower anchoring straps, it only takes a few minutes to install your Axkid Minikid. This improves your installation and removal experience, giving you more freedom of use.

– Swedish safety from the first year of life to 6 years of age

The Axkid Minikid allows your child to travel in the rear-facing position from the time the baby can sit up on its own (not from birth), thanks to a higher recline and the included booster cushion. However, Axkid always recommends using a car seat from birth until the child can sit upright unaided. After that, the Axkid Minikid can be used until approximately 6 years of age.

– 5 reclining positions

The recline leg allows you to use five different positions to ensure the optimum degree of recline for your child, both in the sitting and sleeping position, and if you still need more recline due to the special features of your car you can add our wedge to achieve it. This new version of the seat allows you to get about 10 degrees more recline than the previous version.

For installation instructions see this video:


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