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Rental of children’s material

Do you have to travel with your baby or child? Have you thought of all the things you need to take with you? We make it easy for you to travel so you don’t have to worry if, for example, your child’s car seat is broken or lost.

Easytravelkids.com offers you the possibility of renting material for your baby: pushchairs, cots, car seats, feeding accessories…

Are you coming to Barcelona and need a stroller?
We rent it to you so you don’t have to worry about transportation.

Are you staying in a hotel or at a relative’s house?
Well, we’ll take it wherever you need it.

It’s very easy, tell us what you need, for how many days and we’ll take it wherever you tell us within the province of Barcelona. We also ship to other provinces.

Contact us and we will inform you about the price.

Author & Creator

Tamara Cosano, author and creator of EasyTravelKids and Bugabbo Fan’s Club, develops the idea of ​​a service for parents who want to travel to Barcelona, ​​without having to travel with strollers for children, cribs and their toys.

CEO Easy travel kids

Sanitization and shipping process

Hygiene is paramount and especially nowadays.

All our products are checked and sanitized before each rental.

We disassemble all the textiles and wash them in the washing machine so that they are perfect. The chassis, structure and wheels disinfected and treated with specific products for each material.

A meticulous process in which we spend more than 2 hours.

We ship reconditioned Bugaboos and accessories to the entire Peninsula. We pack them with great care so that they arrive perfectly at their destination by courier.

In the case of strollers, we protect the pieces individually and wrap the box with bubble wrap. It also took us about 2 hours to prepare them!